Traditional ‘Buddha Jumps Over The Wall’ 传统佛跳墙(10位)
Traditional ‘Buddha Jumps Over The Wall’ 传统佛跳墙(10位)

Set For 10pax 十人套餐

Menu Description

Traditional ‘Buddha Jumps Over The Wall’ 

Nine Premium Ingredients   九种特选材料
Japanese Dried Abalone   日本吉品鲍
Superior Shark's Fin   大鲍翅
Japanese Dried Scallop   日本干贝
Japanese Shiitake Mushroom   日本大花菇
Chinese JIn Hua Ham   金华火腿
Dried Fish Maw   鳘肚(花胶公)
Philippines Sea Cucumber   菲律宾猪婆海参
Dried Pork Ligament   猪蹄筋
Kampong Chicken   山芭嫩鸡


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