Traditional Xiamen Popiah 传统厦门薄饼
Traditional Xiamen Popiah 传统厦门薄饼

Set for Four person 四人套餐

Menu Description
Traditional Spring Court Popiah   传统詠春园薄饼
Crisp Fried Prawn with Almond Flak and Salt Egg Yolk   黄金杏片虾
Braised Fish in Claypot   红烧砂煲鱼
Stir-fried Asparagus w/XO Sauce   XO酱炒芦笋
Stewed Ee-fu Noodle with Chicken and Crabmeat   鸡蟹干烧伊面
Dessert of the Day   精美甜品


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Available till 31 January 2018

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