Whole Suckling Pig 片皮大红乳猪
Whole Suckling Pig 片皮大红乳猪

Set For 10pax 十人套餐- Free Whole' Suckling Pig

Menu Description
Free Whole“Suckling Pig”(U.P.$228)
Coldcut Platter   五福大拼盘
Braised Shark’s Fin w/Crab Meat   红烧蟹黄翅
Steamed Fresh Sea Bass w/Bean Sauce   豉椒蒸金目鲈
Fried Chicken with Almond   杏仁酥鸡
Stir-fried Broccoli with Black Mushroom   冬菇扒西兰花
Steamed Live Prawns in Basket   小笼蒸游水虾
Braised Noodles w/Shredded Chicken
& Mushroom, Ham
Red Bean Paste w/Lotus Seeds   莲子红豆沙


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Available till 31 January 2018

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